Vidya Bharti Meerut Prant

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Cultural Education Sector

Vidya Bharti has produced leaders, entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, writers and doctors.The child is the centre of all our aspirations. He is the protector of our country, Dharma (Religion) and culture.The development of our culture and civilization is implicit in the development of the child's personality. A child today holds the key for tomorrow. To relate the child with his land and his ancestors is the direct, clear and unambiguous mandate for education. We have to achieve the all round development of the child through education and sanskar i.e. inculcation of time honored values and traditions.


  • To develop a National System of Education which would help to build a generation of youngmen and women that is
  • committed to Hindutva and infused with patriotic fervor,
  • fully developed physically, vitally, mentally and spiritually,
  • capable of successfully facing challenges of day to day life-situations.
  • dedicated to the service of our those brothers and sisters who live in villages, forests, caves and slums and are deprived and destitute, so that they are liberated from the shackles of social evils and injustice, and
  • thus devoted, may contribute to building up a harmonious, prosperous and culturally rich Nation.

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