Vidya Bharti Meerut Prant

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Vidya Bharti Khel Parishad a wing of Vidya Bharti envisions providing a robust, vibrant and holistic physical education & school sports activity that will engender excellence in school sports sector in India. Vidya Bharti commits itself to provide quality physical education to promote healthy competition, social and cultural vivacity amongst athletes. V.B.K.P. is also committed to develop the character & personality amongst the school athletes. Through coaching, training and championships V.B.K.P. commits itself to create an environment which will empower the future youngsters to become global leaders in the emerging sports world. V.B.K.P. commits itself to conduct transparent & healthy competition amongst the school athletes for the physical welfare of school athletes by providing them continuous training through coaching camp and comprehensive evaluation through tournaments. V.B.K.P. envisions creating DOPE-free and harassment-free playing environment so that the athletes would become competent, confident and responsible citizen to promote peace, harmony, national integration and unity in the nation through sports.

Our objectives are:

  • To encourage, promote and popularize all recognized Olympic, Asian, Common Wealth games, and regional level popular other games & sports amongst the school boys & girls of our units in India.

  • To work for the physical welfare of school boys and girls of our units in India.

  • To co-ordinate and encourage all activities in connection with school games and sports in our units in India.

  • To hold District, Divisional, Zonal and National sports meets and trial matches for school boys and girls and to award certificate and prizes for National Games and sports.

  • To secure adequate participation of School boys and girls in National contests organized by the International School Sports FederationSchool Games Federation of India or similar agencies.

  • To organize and hold coaching and training and refresher courses for the promotion of the games and sports.

  • To attempt quality improvement in school boys and girls in the field of sports and games by organizing special coaching camps for those selected players to participate in National and International events.

  • To provide a platform to budding players to show their talents and help them to improve their performance through technical guidance, to secure financial assistance and to maintain continuity in their pursuit of sports/games development, with the Central and State Government sponsored areas.

  • To lay down rules and conditions for the registration of School players at all level.

  • To lay down rules and regulations for the affiliation of the units/members with Vidya Bharti Khel Parishad and for their proper functioning.

  • To seek affiliation with and recognition by the competent National bodies.

  • To invite school students teams and officials of our units and to organize National Meets and championships and conduct tours in country.

  • To arrange representation of the Vidya Bharti in School Games Federation of India, National bodies and their meetings. To develop character and personality of school boys and girls through sports.
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